Escher Acer truncatum seed oil large box 180ml (3ml*60 bottles)
Selected high-quality raw materials, processed through pressing, refining, canning and other techniques; with unsaturated fatty acid content of over 90% and nerve acid content of around 6%; professionally produced in our own factory.
Escher Ginkgo Biloba Oil Large Box 45ml (3ml x 15 bottles)
RefinedSelect high-quality raw materials, through pressing, refining, canning and other processes; unsaturated fatty acids reach more than 90%, and the content of neuraminic acid is about 6%; our own factory specializes in production
Ai Sheshe brand Yuanbao Maple Seed Oil Soft Capsule Single Bottle 45g (500mg*90 pieces)
Health food batch number; Raw materials come from own factory for professional production;
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KunMinghaizhiling Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Yunnan Weida Acer truncatum Industry Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a technology-based enterprise mainly engaged in the cultivation of Acer truncatum seedlings, high-yield forest cultivation technology services, the development, research and production of Acer truncatum series products, and the development and production of new special medicine raw materials. The company has successively formed an industry-university-research consortium with the Resource Insect Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry and Southwest Forestry University, and has conducted in-depth development and utilization research on maple medicine raw materials and products with colleges and universities such as the Yunnan Cancer Research Institute, Yunnan Cereals and Oils Research Institute, Kunming Medical University, and Yunnan University, forming a new pattern of integrated development and utilization of production, learning, research, supply, and marketing. It is a biotechnology enterprise that has integrated the research and development, production, sales, and supporting raw material bases of maple series products for 20 years, and is the vice chairman unit of the National Innovation Alliance of Acer truncatum Industry. In January 2013, the company was awarded the title of "Yunnan Province Science and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"; in 2019, the company successively won the 2019 (first batch) Forestry and Grassland Industry Innovation Enterprise Award issued by the National Forestry Industry Federation and the "Outstanding Contribution Award for China's Forestry Industry" issued by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions of Agriculture, Forestry, Water Conservancy and Meteorology.

  In 1998, the company began to domesticate and cultivate wild Acer truncatum resources; in 2000, it undertook the Yunnan Province "Tenth Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological project "Maple Resource Cultivation and Medicinal Raw Materials Processing Technology and Development" (2000A4-01), and obtained a number of practical technologies such as "Yunnan Acer truncatum High-yield Cultivation Technology", "Acer truncatum Flavonoids Extraction Technology", and "Acer truncatum Chlorogenic Acid Extraction Technology"; in 2003, it undertook the Kunming Science and Technology Bureau "Acer truncatum Oil Development Research" (Kun Ke 03H44B2) project; in 2003, it cooperated with Yunnan University to carry out the "Acer truncatum Development and Utilization Research" project (2000YK-01), and the research on the antioxidant activity and development and application of Acer truncatum leaves won the third prize of Yunnan Science and Technology Progress in 2005. The company owns the registered trademarks of Healthy Elf, Yunya, and Aisher, 2 appearance patents, and 8 invention patents (3 of which have been authorized).

Through years of cultivation and domestication work and market development,In 2007, the company successfully launched Escher Neuroacid Soft Capsules and Escher Health Tea into the market. On March 22, 2011, Yuanbao Maple Seed Oil was officially approved by the former Ministry of Health as a national new resource food, adding a health oil rich in "neuroacid" to the edible oil family, enhancing the market competitiveness. The company's Yunya brand Yuanbao Maple Oil and Escher brand Neuroacid Soft Capsules have cultivated distributors and agents in more than ten provinces and cities, and the sales revenue of the Escher brand series products has increased by 60% in the past three years.

The development and utilization of Acer truncatum resources focuses on the development and utilization of non-wood resources. Under the premise of ensuring that the forests are not destroyed, the ecological environment is improved through resource cultivation, and higher economic benefits and new drug resources are developed and produced. The project selects Acer truncatum trees with high economic value, strong ecological adaptability and mature industrial development technology as the target resources for industrialization, forming products mainly based on the development of leaf and fruit active substances, woody oils, health products, and medicinal intermediates. It is a new industry for the comprehensive development and utilization of non-wood resources with strong comprehensive processing capabilities, rich products, and high benefits. It provides solutions for the multifunctional comprehensive utilization of low-yield forest transformation, returning farmland to forest, ecological restoration, ecotourism, and forest health care, and provides practical results for the development of characteristic biological resources and the sustainable development of local social economy. The project integrates economic, social, and ecological benefits, and plays a positive role in promoting the development of forestry economy and the adjustment of forestry industry structure.

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